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X4D® Motion EFX Theater, the newest evolution in the 4D cinema experience, provides a totally immersive environment, where you actually "feel" the action on the screen from the built-in motion and effects in the seats and theater around you.

3D you see, 4D you feel and 5D you move!

X4D® motion seats are synched to the exact action on the screen. Each film is meticulously programmed by our expert motion control editors to provide a fluid, almost sub-conscious movement that enhances what your mind sees. Special effects add a fifth dimension to the experience. Feel the experience!

Envision this!
Your seat actually tilts back and forth and rolls side to side. Seat transducers, pokers, air and water blasts, leg and neck ticklers, will rock your senses. Theaters can be equipped with atmospheric effects - wind, rain, fog, strobes and even scent - to create an out of body experience like none other. This is the 4D/5D cinema experience!

The cinema experience is truly transforming with the introduction of X4D® Motion EFX by MediaMation. This same experience will be available to you soon in your home with our X4D® Home Theater Seats, with built in motion and effects, for home enthusiasts to watch your favorite 2D/3D movie with 4D effects, all in the privacy of your home.

X4D® – Feel The Experience

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